Zoe Myer

Full Name

Zoe Myer





Portrayed by

Samantha Barks

Zoe Myer is Tom's best friend, and she is a might like it to be a bit more than that(he certainly wants to be more than friends!)but Zoe she just can't get around to letting him know how she feels. She is one of the two of the main protagonists. She's an amazing singer but she's plagued with stage fright, but somehow, Zoe gets through it all with the help of her friends.


Zoe has somewhat short ginger - orange hair with freckles. She has emerald green eyes. In the flashbacks usually wears red trousers with a white and purple top. She also wears one green wristband and purple and white shoes.


Zoe's mother is a famous opera singer. This is why at the begining she is automatically accepted into A-list academy.

It also seems that Zoe gets on well with her mother, but is fed up of her mother's career coming before friends and having to live up to her famous mother.


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